04/04/22 In Class Demonstration

For today’s lab session, we each gave a presentation in which we shared the current progress of our designs and some of the trials and tribulations we have encountered.

It is always reassuring to hear of the work of others and know that you’re not alone in your endeavors and that everyone struggles with something.

Jade’s presentation on her piano design was really insightful as to the playability and functionality of her device. Tolu’s project was very inspirational as he had taken the time to fully understand his code which is something I am personally struggling with. Emily’s project was interesting as she has taken her design from the previous year and decided to improve on her previous work with the power of self reflection which will surely render her work much better, due to the lessons learned from last year.

Questions and feedback are crucial when designing a project like this as things you might overlook can be pointed out to you by others, giving you the chance to reconcile before you have to submit them.

14/03/22 Seminar Presentations

In todays seminar session, Jade and I presented some projects that inspire us in our own work. Jade gave a very in-depth presentation upon 3 projects, each with a unique take on a similar concept but executed to different level of complexity. Jade explained the code portion of the projects in a much greater detail than my own presentation and it is clear to me that I need to expand my understanding of the coding and how that controls the different parameters.

For my own project, I was less in-depth with specific design components but had an overarching theme of trying to do more with the same design of circuit, by changing just the software.

Here is a demonstrational video I used within my presentation, demonstrating the use of an mpu6050 Gyroscope and 3 axis accelerometer with a GUI toy plane representing the X,Y, & Z data.