21st March – working with SOLIDWORKS


Today one Tolu presented his presentation about the ideas that he had for his project and spoke about how far he’d come with his project already. We also watched a short video about someone who had produced a similar project to our own final pieces. It was interesting to see someone else’s take on the project that we are facing.


In the lab we looked at the progress that each of us had made in regards to our projects and gained any materials that we needed. We were introduced to the software called SOLIDWORKS that can be used in order to create 2D and 3D designs for your work. Below is an image of me experimenting with this software but as we have a limited time slot for the lesson I decided to use Word to create a simple design.

This is a picture of me working with SOLIDWORKS in the class.

I think that using this piece of software when creating 3D models to print would be very useful as you ca see your piece in multiple dimensions however I think that I would have to practice with this software many times to truly understand how I can create my vision.

As you can see below, I have decided to make my model template using Word as I will be producing the case for my final piece myself by using plastic and tools.

This is the very simple model that I made during the lesson to visualize what I am trying to create for my final piece.

I found today useful as I gained knowledge of another piece of software that I can use for any designing that I wanted to do for my project. It was also interesting to use VM Horizon as this allows you to access the university computers from home which I hadn’t used before.

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