21st March Lab – Tolu

Seminar: In the seminar I did my presentation of potential ideas and inspirations that I have had for my project. This was a good way of presenting my project and also getting feedback from my peers as to ways I could improve my ideas, things I can add, and how to go about documenting my work.

Lab: In the lab we were looking at our individual projects. We were introduced to how we can access softwares that will help us to build the casing of our projects. In my case I know that in order for me to progress to the stage of case design etc I would need to make sure that my code works, my circuit is built and everything works accordingly so that I can accommodate this with my casing. I was able to grab inspirations from different Arduino keyboard projects and this helped me to understand the coding of tones and what numbers to type regarding the tone I desire. This has made my job easier for next lab as I can then come to the lab with the correctly selected codes.

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