9. Guided Tour and Project Development

Today’s Lab was split out over the following tasks:

  1. Guided Tour of The Mechanical Workshop
  2. Project Development
  1. Guided Tour of the Mechanical Workshop

What is the mechanical Workshop?

The Mechanical Workshop is a workshop where we can build/create the physical components of our projects.

Who are the contact persons?

When can you go?

Monday and Friday are the best day. But Any Day within university open times.

Where is it located?

Towards the back of the Queens Building. If you were to come in via the back entrance of Queens and continue past the stairs and lift through that door. This will lead to a corridor where you go strait ahead into the main part of the Queens Building. The mechanical workshop is down the right side corridor.

Why you should go?

It is helpful for those who need tools to build their projects.

Also if you would want to cutout materials

How are you planning to use the mechanical workshop?

Links for project

Rotary Switch Potentiometer Hookup Guide – learn.sparkfun.com

Potentiometer: How it Works? – Codrey Electronics

Electronics Basics – How a Potentiometer Works | Random Nerd Tutorials

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