14Th March Lab – Tolu

Seminar – In the seminar, we had 2 presentations from colleagues of potential ideas that they have for their projects. We scored them according to their complexities, aesthetics and functionality out of 4. We also scored them on their presentation skills out of 4.

Lab – In the lab we recapped on the learning of the previous weeks and went down to the mechanical workshop to tour and understand what we can do. In the tour we were given the availabilities of materials, tools and different options we could take in making our cases. With the options I’ve been provided I was able to get many potential idea of how I would want my project to look like. With all these branches of ideas, I still need to make sure I plan accordingly to the electronic and audio parts of my project the proceed to design casings and structures.

I am planning on using the mechanical workshop to create my casing. My idea is to produce a miniature keyboard/piano running from C to C. when a button is pressed it will play a tone that aligns with the scales of a piano. Tones should be able to be played at any time when the circuit is working.

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