14/03/22 Seminar Presentations

In todays seminar session, Jade and I presented some projects that inspire us in our own work. Jade gave a very in-depth presentation upon 3 projects, each with a unique take on a similar concept but executed to different level of complexity. Jade explained the code portion of the projects in a much greater detail than my own presentation and it is clear to me that I need to expand my understanding of the coding and how that controls the different parameters.

For my own project, I was less in-depth with specific design components but had an overarching theme of trying to do more with the same design of circuit, by changing just the software.

Here is a demonstrational video I used within my presentation, demonstrating the use of an mpu6050 Gyroscope and 3 axis accelerometer with a GUI toy plane representing the X,Y, & Z data.

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