7th March Lab – Tolu

We started the lab with a special guest. He was going through a similar project that he had completed to give us an idea of how to plan, things to implement in our timelines. He was also giving us the stepping stones to where he went wrong and the improvements he was and was not able to make. He was clear with his mistakes and even after everything was completed he gave us alternatives on way he could have made his personal project better. Overall it was helpful for me as it helped me to think of a possible idea, how to plan it and how to execute it.

We then recapped what we had done in the lab 2 weeks ago just to refresh our minds before we went into this weeks Lab.

We began looking into detail about timelines and gannt charts using knowledge we had gained from 2 weeks ago lab. We each created a draft of the timeline implementing possible tasks and milestones that link to what we would be doing for our final project. The aim for me was to make sure that there is time for iterations, time to make mistakes so that in the end I can at least have a working model if the casing was a problem. Making sure I have enough time to look at code, and circuit models have become the more important part for me to make sure I complete the task to a healthy standard.

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