14th Feb Lab (online) – Tolu

As usual at the start of the lab we recalled the information and findings of the previous lab making sure we were up to date with everything that we learned and were caught up on anything we may have missed.

Firstly we looked at CC (Creative Commons license). looking specifically at BY 3.0. This is what I found out.

The Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0 (“CC BY 3.0”) is a public domain license which permits most forms of use or re-use of a licensed work provided that (a) due acknowledgement is made of the original source and authorship, and (b) no additional restrictions are placed on subsequent users.

In todays lab we looked at a new software called fritzing. This software allows us to build circuits, look at their PC layouts as well as export our creations to out computers. The first task was to create a basic circuit with fritzing. There is the ability to change the colour of the wires, the colour of the LEDs etc which I can do.

The next task in the lab was to design a PCB for the classic 74C14 Hex Schmitt Trigger oscillators. This circuit was a little bit more complex but I eventually completed as shown below.

Lastly we looked at the pros and cons of both tinkered and fritzing as a final discussion.

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