Lab Session Notes 17/01/2022

In this session, we began by sharing previous work from a previous years module that was applicable to the current module. Emily’s instrument comprised of a multiple oscillator synth, with multiple monophonic synths assigned to multiple control knobs that alter the pitch.

My own instrument comprises of a light dependent resistor (LDR) to control a monophonic synthesizer within an enclosure. The lighter the environment, the higher the pitch. It was interesting to compare as we never ended up getting to show each other our work last year during the module.

We then plugged in the Arduino and had a go at writing our first code which makes the Arduino LED blink in one second intervals, which is essentially the coding equivalent of “Print (“Hello World!)”.

Figure 1 – Screenshot of the code within the Arduino IDE software

As you can see from figure one, it is incredibly simple to understand the function of the code and it is incredibly concise.

We then adapted our own code by writing our own function to call an if/else statement that would print the value status of either high or low to the serial monitor. I have learned more about the Arduino coding language to which I am very unfamiliar, and is both similar and dissimilar to any coding I have done before.

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